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A clash of Ego''s?

Posted on: July 19, 2008 4:06 am
Edited on: July 19, 2008 3:21 pm

What a mess this is!!!  I don't know where to start.  It isn't as simple as legend vs. unproven youngster.   Things have been said, accusations have been made, mud has been flung, this has turned ugly.  Chances are this is going to get worse before it gets better.  Aaron Rodgers has remained the good soldier and said everything politically correct since a comment was taken out of context in a SI interview 2 weeks ago.  Mad props to Aaron however this turns out. 

 I guess my real issue here is with Brett and Teddy.  I mean come on guys lets act like men here.  In my opinion both are to blame.  Brett has received preferential treatment for years, and in some people's opinion rightfully so.  However, nobody is bigger than the team.  Brett has come out firing in the media like a jilted lover, like his ego hasn't been stroked enough.  Brett says he felt he was rushed to make a decision?  All Ted and management said was make up your mind before the draft please.  Packers nation has been through the waiting game for 4 years now.  So Brett has a tearful press conference on March 6 and the entire Packers nation cried along with him.  It was Good Bye Brett, we love and will miss you.  The Packers moved on,  it suddenly became Aaron Rodgers team.  Brett did change his mind for a brief instant apparently, and the Packers were OK with it and decided to charter a jet down to Mississippi to get him and announce he was coming back, but Brett said again he changed his mind.  Then Brett apparently got sick of riding around on his tractor again and decided he really did want to come back in early July.  He made his feelings well known in his interview on Fox with Gretta, and actually sounded like a whinny b*tch.

Ted Thompson has been accused of many things by Brett, whether they are all accurate or not is really not important.  What is important is that Thompson hasn't handled this situation well.   Favre is under Packers control, and for him to say he can only come back as a back up is wrong.  I agree there is no way Favre should be released, you don't release a guy that finished #2 in MVP voting leaving him free to sign with another team.  Here is my beef with Ted, why don't you realize you are fighting a losing battle?  Tell Brett he can come to camp and compete with Aaron for the starting job, whoever wins it is the starter.  Don't disrespect Brett by saying he can come back as a backup.  Everyone knows Brett is going to win a open Qb battle.  What Ted needs to realize is that unless he wins a Super Bowl with Aaron, or someone else during his era he is going to be remembered as the GM that pushed Brett out the door in 20 yrs.  Not a legacy that Ted wants I am sure.   Ultimately Ted might win his pissing contest this year, but  I ask this question are the Packers better with Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers? 

I ask this question because Ted says they are doing what is best for the Packers.  Are they, or is this a clash of ego's?


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Posted on: July 28, 2008 1:58 pm

A clash of Ego''s?

I couldn't agree more with what you posted Saint.


Brett Favre and Ted Thompson are easily both to blame.  Brett for his neverending drama of, am I going to retire or play or not or well I don't know but how about I joke about it on Letterman?  Then Thompson for saying he won't start for the Packers and telling him not to show up for the start of training camp.  I agree Favre is being a whiney little bio*** and has changed his mind more times than a Democrat running for President but still, when your 3x MVP QB wants to play you let him.  Where do we stand right now with Rodgers anyways??? If he plays well, he goes get a big contract we might not match, if he doesn't, we don't re-sign him either way we are going to be most likely having a 2nd year QB as our starter next year (70% chance I'd say) and where does that leave us for the future?

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